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 蘇州華乃爾自動化  Suzhou Huanair Automation Technology Co., Ltd was delevoped from Kunshan Huanair Precision Instrument Co., Ltd,which was founded in July 2006, all belongs to huanair technology group.We focus on solving customer's needs, combined with our optical manufacturing and computer image processing aspects of the strong technical expertise, optical imaging, precision machinery automation , precision electronics and computer software combined optical and electrical product development, production and sales; primarily serving the eastern and southern automakers (Car), computer (Computer), communication (Communication) and consumer electronics (Consumer Electronic), etc,4C fields.
Existing products: online or off-line  testing equipment, optics and optical pre-processing equipment; measurement software related.
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Product:Automatic Laser Marking MachineAutomatic labeling machineAuto Parts Cleanliness TesterTerminal cross section of the analyzerLaser flatness testerAuto Parts Cleanliness TesterAutomatic three-dimensional image measuring instrument NVC432A key measureManual image measuring instrument
Business Mobile: 13962624648   Tel: 0512-57561136   Fax: 0512-57567135   Address: No. 588#,Jingtan Road, Bacheng Town, Kunshan City,Jiangsu,CHina