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On the role of Huanair automatic labeling machine

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2016/5/30 10:20:17 Hits:1723
Automatic labeling machine is an important basis for the packaging industry, occupied a very important position in the packaging machinery industry. As a product of mechanical and electrical integration, automatic labeling machine provides important technical support for the packaging industry, the appearance of the product packaging plays an important role in promoting development, while in the wine, food, medicine, daily necessities, chemical products and other production also far-reaching. Automatic labeling machine is to make the product packaging mechanization and automation of the fundamental premise.
      1. liberate the productive forces, to improve working conditions
Automatic labeling function to liberate workers from heavy tension to out duplication, and avoid and reduce exposure to toxic, irritant, corrosive, low temperature, humidity, dust, harmful to the health of workers these factors, improve working conditions.
      2. improve production efficiency and promote the upgrading and diversification of product packaging
Automatic labeling machine production capacity than manual generally increase ten times, even a few times, no doubt the product packaging update pattern plays an important role. As Biao control of high-speed automatic round bottle labeling machine can easily achieve productivity 120 000 bottles / h; the horizontal round bottle labeling machine 150pcs / min, the fastest plane line labeling machine to 100pcs / min of speed with the production line, these are manual work can not be compared.
      3. To improve hygiene product packaging, improve product quality, enhance the competitiveness of the market
       Development of a new automatic labeling machine rise Labeling Machine, Label itself clean easy to fall off feature is a big step forward label development, in addition to use by automatic labeling machine labeling production line, reducing excessive contact manual operations, such as medicine, pharmaceutical production. Some powder, liquid material prone to escape in a manual packaging process, foaming, splashing, and machinery and equipment will not be so, the effect of high precision labeling machine labeling, product appearance beautiful, neat, uniform, tight seal to improve the quality of the product packaging, improve the competitiveness of products marketed obtain higher economic efficiency.
      4. The material savings, reduce costs, protect the environment
Use labeling machinery production, will fundamentally label waste, minimize labor costs, cost savings, and the use of automatic labeling machines, label waste is completely solved, and material savings, reduce waste and protect the environment.
      5. Reduce labeling the area, save infrastructure investment
Product labeling by hand, to accomplish the same amount of production requires more workers, the process is not compact, large work area, and more investment in infrastructure. Automatic labeling machine, the supply of products and packaging materials are concentrated, compact arrangement of each packaging process, some may be three-dimensional work, thus reducing the packaging footprint, saving infrastructure investment.
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