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Terminal cross section of the analyzer

The terminal is a cross-sectional analyzer integrated cutting and grinding, the use of four-fold protection, cutting and grinding time about: 2 to 3 minutes, for a diameter range AWG5-AWG38, accuracy: 2μm, for automotive industry, household appliances, electronics, etc. terminal cross-section analysis of…[Detailed]

Automatic polishing machine

AMP-230 intelligent automatic metallographic grinding and polishing machine Shanghai Institute is the latest high-end technology products, using the color touch screen PLC control, automatic switching and load control sensors constantly monitor the current value by grinding and polishing head pressure con…[Detailed]

Laser flatness tester

SICK laser detector head or Keyence light plane of the detector is a representative platform, mainly by marble countertops, several placed consisting of a laser probe marble countertop, computer and electrical control cabinet.[Detailed]

Auto Parts Cleanliness Tester

The auto parts cleanliness collection system meets all sealed one hundred clean space by cleaning fluid to clean the parts. Cleaning fluid and air purification limited self-test and self-cleaning, automatic recovery filter residue after cleaning, the cleaning fluid loop filter can be reused. With my compa…[Detailed]
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