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一, the commitment to service
Central city  24 hours in working days as response, 48 hours on-site service;the other areas as contract service.

二, the warranty policy
1, according to the contract warranty regulations gruantee;
2, according to Chinese product guarantee law

三, the warranty provisions
1, according to the contract guarantee, in the warranty period, can be free warranty treatment;
2, other cases with the Division as negotiated.

四, does not belong to the scope of the warranty
1, consumers due to the use, maintenance, improper custody of the damage caused by;
2, self repair, demolition caused by damage;
3, due to the damage caused by irresistible factors (lightning, Yu Lin, earthquake, fire, etc.).
In the warranty period, because the product does not meet the warranty conditions need to be charged, shall indicate the reasons for not in conformity with the warranty conditions, and by the user signature recognition.

五,Charge warranty period
1, the whole machine more than one year free warranty period, the maintenance service in accordance with the following principles;
2, beyond the warranty period of the products are required to charge maintenance fees and spare parts;

六,other accessories, consumables and services production wearing gifts
1, all accessories are part of the whole machine, the warranty reference to the implementation of the whole machine;
2, the production of consumables damage is not within the scope of warranty;
3, gifts are not within the scope of the warranty.

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